Health and Safety


We are working to the goal of zero harm

Aggregate Industries is committed to creating and maintaining a safe workplace. While we continually outperform others in our industry, our commitment to managing the safety of our workforce is constantly emphasized across all of our regional businesses and operations. Many of our employees, subcontractors and third party workers work with heavy equipment and vehicles daily. We are exposed to a variety of hazards which can endanger health and life. For this reason health and safety is our number one priority.

To improve our performance in this area, safety focus needs to always be top of mind. Our senior management team reviews and updates safety policies to ensure safe working conditions are top of mind for employees, contractors, and visitors. Our safety commitment is presented to every employee before they begin work and emphasizes a continuum of improvement in our safety practices and management systems. The objective of our safety policy is for “Zero Harm to People” and systematically eliminate the incidents from our working lives.

What is good practice in health and safety?

Safety is not singularly a management focus; unsafe behavior should not be accepted by anyone. To help embed health and safety as our number one priority, we train all employees to focus on the real risk in their working environments and ensure they have the appropriate control to deal with them. We expect that no person should ‘walk by’ without addressing a safety risk.

Working at our sites

Our cardinal rules set down the expectations that we have for all employees, visitors, subcontractors and third party workers while working at our sites. Cardinal rules must be understood by all our staff, contractors and visitors and adhered to at all time.

Cardinal rule 1: Do not override or interfere with any safety provision nor allow anyone else to override or interfere with them.

Cardinal rule 2: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rules applicable to a given task must be adhered to at all times

Cardinal rule 3: Isolation and lock-out procedures must always be followed.

Cardinal rule 4: No person may work if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Cardinal rule 5: All injuries and incidents must be reported.

If you have any questions regarding the safe use of the products that we produce, please contact us.