Focused on Communities

It is our vision to be the most respected company in our industry. Aggregate Industries deeply believes in this and the culture associated with being a good corporate citizen. We have embraced this working as partners with all of our stakeholders to effectively improve the quality of life of our workforce, their families, and the communities where we live and operate.

Community Focused - Aggregate Industries understands the value of not just working with, but also being part of, our host communities. Community involvement is essential to our business model; we strive to give back to those communities in which we have operations. We realize that we are guests and, therefore, must minimize the impact of our operations, care for the sites we manage and the surrounding communities, and undertake reclamation practices that leave sites in excellent condition upon our departure.

We aim to develop and maintain relationships with all of our stakeholders to both learn from their experiences and to share our own. Engaging stakeholders at the local, regional, or national levels is first and foremost about earning trust and gaining acceptance for our business activities.

To secure a stable environment for long-term investment, we must engage stakeholders before initiating site expansions, new projects, and the like. Collaborating with other sectors of society helps us all work toward a sustainable future.

Furthermore, Aggregate Industries strongly believes in community investment. Over the past several years, we have contributed funds and resources to charities nationwide. In addition, we have made an ongoing investment in the stabilization and restoration of Hayfield Manor, a historical manor home sited within one of our sand and gravel operations.

Community focus is a basic tenet of our Company. We strongly believe in investing more than just money. We contribute our greatest assets - our materials and the time and labor of our employees - to our local communities.