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Power/Energy & Water

Wind Power

Communities need reliable sources of power and environmentally safe water treatment to grow.

There are a wide range of new types of power generation projects happening around the country. In some areas, developers are installing large turbine farms that harvest the wind. In other parts of the country, natural gas powered generation plants are being constructed. Public Works officials are also adopting new approaches to meet their community demands. In many parts of the country, communities are transforming their waste water collection systems so that storm water is treated separately from process water. And in many parts of the country, officials are looking how to best economize their water treatments to conserve water.

These projects share several common design and construction features. Each project is custom designed for the application. These structures must be durable and have long service lives with little maintenance. And these projects are often complex engineering efforts, requiring strong coordination between owner, project manager, and contractors. We have a strong legacy in providing high quality material to these types of projects. In some circumstances we have established project batch plants to help minimize transportation costs. Our project engineers can help with the selection of the proper construction materials on each phase of the project.