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Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are structures that generate a profit, whether it is through capital gain or rental income. According to a 2015 report by Dodge Data & Analytics, activity in this construction market segment will increase 15 percent. The report states that office construction is the leading project category. This category also includes hotels and warehouse construction.

This is a market segment that is funded by private development. Owners are demanding the projects include features that provide tangible results on the commercial, environmental, and social aspects of their investment.

To meet the owner’s expectations, the commercial building market segment is evolving. Owners often seek construction firms that offer design build capabilities. Architects and designers are adopting innovative design software, such as Building Information Modeling technology (BIM), to shorten project lead times, simplify material ordering, and provide documentation for the structures service life. And owners and developers expect the inclusion of green building materials on each structure.

We can be your partner on every part of a commercial building project, whether its design build or not. Our project engineers can provide support on the structures as well as the site on which the project is situated. Our project engineers are knowledgeable on how to incorporate our site activities into a designer’s BIM program. And our robust production capacity can provide you product on your construction time line.

As an integrated construction material provider, we provide proven experience delivering sustainable solutions in both design and building material selection enabling you to meet the owner’s expectations on performance. Our project experts have access to the industry’s most current green calculators.