Recycled Construction Products

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Recycled Construction Products

Aggregate Industries is committed to providing sustainable construction materials to the market with innovative, industry-leading recycling programs. All of our regions offer recycling solutions where existing hardened concrete recovered from paving projects is crushed and turned into new aggregate. In most cases, this material is processed for base material that meets DOT standards.

The preservation of our surrounding environment is a company priority. We utilize rubble generated by the demolition of existing roads, buildings and other construction projects and recycle into useful construction aggregate. We then process this material into high quality aggregate and asphalt products, thereby conserving our natural resources while reducing waste sent to landfills. Recycling is a smart and environmentally conscious choice that preserves resources and eliminates the critical environmental issue of proper disposal of concrete and asphalt. Additionally, the use of these materials means less equipment mining our quarry which leads to reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Smart companies are building greener and integrating these practices into their business to remain current and offer additional value. With measurement systems from the U.S. Green Building Council like LEED, validating your commitment to building more sustainably can now translate into measurable cost savings for your customers.  Every LEED point matters from a cost standpoint so why not help your customer bring their building’s status from silver to gold while doing the right thing?

You can rely on our recycled materials and quality control systems to ensure the consistency of your recycled aggregates and perform as expected.  Architects, engineering firms, and government projects are all looking to make greener building decisions and you can play a key role. Please contact us to see how we can help you capitalize on recycled cost savings while doing the right thing for your customers and the environment.