Liquid Asphalt

Liquid Asphalt

Using base products produced in the oil refining process and state-of-the art blending systems, Aggregate Industries sells liquid asphalt cements for paving and roofing applications. These products are distributed throughout New England region from our two port/terminal facilities located in Newington, New Hampshire and New Haven, Connecticut.

Aggregate Industries’ Midwest Region provides quality liquid asphalt products that consistently satisfy the most demanding requirements. Utilizing base products and state-of-the-art blending systems, we produce a complete line of liquid asphalt cements for paving and roofing. We also offer a full range of cutback asphalts and specialized additives.

Quality asphalt is critical to the paving construction industry and Aggregate Industries is a reliable provider of liquid asphalt throughout South Dakota. This well maintained facility with state-of-the-art equipment transports and produces reliable asphalt materials that meet Public Works specifications for state and local highway/transportation departments

Our Liquid Asphalt division is committed to providing unmatched service, product development, and technological improvements to meet new performance standards. Please call us to inquire if we carry liquid Asphalt in your area.

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