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Concrete Applications

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world with over six billion tons produced each year.  Concrete is versatile, reliable, and extremely sustainable when you consider its lifecycle. Its versatility is evident in the fact that it can be formed into almost any shape when newly mixed yet durable once set times are reached. Concrete is used in many applications such as highways, wall panels, beams and homes.  Larger scale infrastructure applications like dams, nuclear energy plants, and water and sewage pipes make concrete indispensable for modern societies.

Producing quality concrete for discerning contractors requires the combination of quality ingredients and mix design expertise. When you select Aggregate industries as your partner you are assured of a consistent gradation, coupled with the knowledge that the material meets all your DOT specifications.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete Back To Top

Engineers are specifying fibers to mitigate a number of design solutions. In the residential market polypropylene fibers are added to the mix to help prevent drying shrinkage cracks. And with the proper mix design and sub base design, contractors can eliminate the use of wire mesh and rebar.

In commercial concrete, the science behind fibers has expanded in the last few years. Fibers can be used to reduce the weight of elevated decks. Steel fibers have been incorporated in mix design for warehouse floors to help increase surface durability and bear heavy loading. Aggregate Industries has the technical expertise to work with the design engineer and contractor to create a mix design that will be very workable.

Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) Back To Top

Aggregate Industries is very active in creating performance mixes that can offer more sustainable solutions. Our quality control experts can help you design mixes that include a wide range of supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash, slag,and limestone. Our knowledge of local materials and building conditions enable us to create a cost effective business option for architects, designers engineers and contractors.

White Cement Back To Top

Architects use this special ingredient to create architectural elements on their projects. Aggregate Industries quality control departments can help contractors or cast stone producers develop a custom mix design that brings out the brightness and reflectivity of this ingredient.

Commercial Construction Back To Top

Commercial concrete construction often includes suggestions from the whole project team. Aggregate Industries’ experts can assist architects and designers on the proper mix design, cement selection, opportunity for incorporating concrete to provide resilient and sustainable solutions. Our experts are involved in the concrete industry’s effort to support Building Information Modeling initiatives. Contractors count on the Aggregate Industries’ investment in truck tracking and dispatching software for on time delivery of aggregates, building materials and ready-mixed concrete. Our quality control experts have been actively promoting the trend of performance mix designs, now allowed in the ACI 318 document.

Paving Back To Top

Aggregate Industries has miles of experience in providing paving contractors the right mix. From slip form to hand work, our experts can deliver a performance mix that meets every DOT requirement. For those special projects that require fast paving application, be sure to contact your local Aggregate Industries location to check if there’s the possibility of setting up a plant on your job for a turnkey production solution.

In various locations throughout the country, our technical experts can assist design engineers. Combining decades of knowledge with innovative software programs, we can aid in helping the owner to review the lifecycle cost of pavement system types. Once concrete is selected our design experts can aid in the determination of the proper pavement depth and mix designs to achieve the proper design strength.

Curbs and gutter Back To Top

When placing slip formed curb and gutters, there are two important aspects for a successful project. First there needs to a quality mix design robust enough to accept minor adjustments as the ambient job site conditions change during the day. And just as important, contractors need a steady source of fresh concrete to keep the slip form machine moving as fast as possible.

Tilt-up Construction Back To Top

Tilt-up contractors pour vertical walls on the ground and return to lift the hardened elements and position them as vertical walls. Contractors need a mix design that provides an architectural exposed service free of defects; the mix must also achieve strength quickly so that the tilting process can happen as soon as possible after the pour.

Post tension construction Back To Top

From bridges to parking structures, contractors are adopting this fast track construction technique. Contractors rely on us to provide a workable mix that requires minimal vibration during placement. On heavily reinforced elements we can provide a self-consolidating concrete mix that easily fills the mold or form.

Beams Back To Top

Aggregate Industries’ engineers can be a useful resource when designs want to benefit from the the use of structural cast-in-place or precast beams. For many beam designs, self-consolidating concrete offers an efficient placing option.

Slab on grade Back To Top

In the last decade, slab on grade construction has evolved into a highly specialized construction technique. Aggregate Industries’ quality control experts serve on the leading industry technical committees and can offer advice on the newest techniques. They can help provide support on questions of design strength, floor drying, and joint design.

The key to a properly installed slab is a good sub-base. With the proper gradation, contractors can efficiently place and compact the sub base. Laser screeds have dramatically increased contractor productivity. In the pre-job preparation, our dispatchers will with the contractor to provide a steady supply of fresh concrete.

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Aggregate Industries can provide expert support for those cast-in-place projects that will include structural elements such as columns. Designers can benefit from performance mixes that will achieve early strengths to allow fast release. The proper mix selection can help streamline every project.

Contractors need a mix that will quickly fill the form with minimum vibration, with consistent mixes, contractors can expect. On many projects, our quality control technicians perform concurrent testing with the project’s testing lab to provide all interested parties of test results.

Residential concrete Back To Top

Residential contractors benefit from the same quality control procedures and dedication to on time delivery found on commercial construction. Our service levels remain unchanged regardless of the size of your next project.

Foundations contractors Back To Top

Foundation contractors can count on Aggregate Industries as their partner. To be effective, contractors must have a steady timetable that coordinates pouring footing, setting forms, pouring forms, and stripping an moving forms to the next lot in a 24-hour period with small crews. Flat work contractors can rely on us to provide material in a timely manner to increase their productivity. By scheduling base rock delivery, setting forms, and pouring around noon, flat work contractors can establish a daily pattern that gets them home before sunset. Another important service Aggregate Industries can provide is mix design adjustments that can help mitigate problems due to weather. By partnering with quality admixture suppliers, our quality control technicians can adjust setting times for both hot weather and cold weather concreting.

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