Aggregates/Crushed Stone

Aggregates/Crushed Stone

Crushed Stone Aggregates and Sand/Gravel are generated from a variety of natural deposits - limestone, granite, trap rock, and other durable mineral resources.

Aggregates/Crushed Stone—The applications for crushed stone include construction of highways, railroads, airports, water and sewage systems, office buildings, factories and our homes. Beyond these “aggregate” uses, crushed rock is also manufactured into fertilizer and mineral components used in: roofing shingles, animal feeds, toothpaste and many other household products. Production of these products requires blasting and excavating the broken stone from quarries followed by progressive stages of crushing, screening, washing and blending. Our aggregate products range in size from Rip-Rap, where each stone may weigh several tons, to manufactured sand for use in concrete and asphalt products. The numerous sizes and gradations are determined by their intended use and each complies with the specifications established by governmental agencies or our customer’s requirements.

Aggregate Industries is proud of our innovative, industry-leading recycling programs. The preservation of our surrounding environment is a company priority, as evidenced by our asphalt and concrete recycling products and services located across five of our US regions.

Rubble generated by the demolition of existing roads, buildings and other construction projects can be recycled into useful products. Aggregate Industries processes these materials into high quality aggregate and asphalt products, thereby conserving our natural resources while reducing waste sent to landfills. These products compliment our full line of naturally occurring aggregate.

Recycling is a smart and environmentally conscious choice that preserves natural resources and eliminates the critical environmental issue of proper disposal of concrete and / or asphalt. The West Central Region operates three recycling centers. Please call and discuss how Aggregate Industries can play a role in your next project’s success.

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