Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete

Producing quality concrete for discerning contractors requires the combination of quality ingredients and mix design expertise. When you select Aggregate industries as your partner in a you are assured of a consistent gradation, coupled with the knowledge that the material meets all your DOT specifications

Aggregate Industries manufactures and sells ready mixed concrete in each of our regional markets. Ready mixed concrete is a versatile construction material produced by combining crushed rock or gravel aggregate, sand, Portland cement and water. This common material is used in a variety of construction projects including: home foundations, stores, offices, streets, runways, bridges, sidewalks, and many other facilities used in our daily lives. Delivery of ready mixed concrete from our plant locations to the construction site is accomplished with our growing fleet of mixer trucks guided by sophisticated dispatching systems. Efficient delivery is critical with this perishable product, as it begins to harden shortly after being mixed. The strength and workability characteristics of ready mixed can be enhanced by the addition of modifying agents. Using these methods ready mixed concrete can be tailored to fit a broad range of construction environments.

Available in these US Regions: Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Central, North Central, West Central, and Southwest.

Lattimore Materials (LMC) has numerous Ready Mix sites conveniently located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston area along with Southern Oklahoma. Orders are taken and scheduled out of our dispatch offices and transmitted electronically to one of our many state-of-the-art facilities. LMC is leading the way with reliable, predictable concrete for all your projects.

Expert sales and quality control personnel are ready to respond to your specific needs and to help you solve any issues that may arise. Our friendly customer service department works hard with our well-trained drivers to make sure you get what you want, when you need it. We also produce a range of high performance, value-added ready mix products

We recognize that our customers often need specialized Ready Mixed Concrete to meet the high quality demands of their construction projects. LMC has developed a series of specialty mixes designed by our industry recognized Quality Control team to meet our customers’ requirements. With our vast fleet of ready mix trucks and plants locations you can rest assured that we will deliver the right mix design, where you need it, on time.

All of our plants are approved by the Texas Department of Transportation.

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