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Ready Mixed Concrete

Producing quality concrete for discerning contractors requires the combination of quality ingredients and mix design expertise. When you select Aggregate industries as your partner in a you are assured of a consistent gradation, coupled with the knowledge that the material meets all your DOT specifications

Aggregate Industries manufactures and sells ready mixed concrete in each of our regional markets. Ready mixed concrete is a versatile construction material produced by combining crushed rock or gravel aggregate, sand, Portland cement and water. This common material is used in a variety of construction projects including: home foundations, stores, offices, streets, runways, bridges, sidewalks, and many other facilities used in our daily lives. Delivery of ready mixed concrete from our plant locations to the construction site is accomplished with our growing fleet of mixer trucks guided by sophisticated dispatching systems. Efficient delivery is critical with this perishable product, as it begins to harden shortly after being mixed. The strength and workability characteristics of ready mixed can be enhanced by the addition of modifying agents. Using these methods ready mixed concrete can be tailored to fit a broad range of construction environments.

Available in these US Regions: Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Central, North Central, West Central, and Southwest.

The Midwest Central Region’s Meyer Materials Company is well positioned throughout the region to get you the right product, in the right location, when you need it. From our computerized batching and dispatching system, to our efficient front discharge trucks, the pride in what we do is evident. Just tell us what you need or let our experts do the mix design for you. If the job requires special cements, aggregates or admixtures, we can help.

Expert sales and quality control personnel are ready to respond to your specific needs and to help you solve any issues that may arise. Our friendly customer service department works hard with our well-trained drivers to make sure you get what you want, when you need it. We also produce a range of high performance, value-added ready mix products

We recognize that our customers often need specialized Ready Mixed Concrete to meet the high quality demands of their construction projects. Aggregate Industries has developed a series of specialty mixes, designed by our industry recognized Quality Control team, to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Diamond Series mixes are specially designed for custom applications. These custom mixed products offer applications for cold weather challenges, quality wall construction, driveway finishes, or our Harvest mix, a low strength, economical ready mixed concrete product that is primarily used by the agricultural community..

Diamond Ice Guard - Freeze Resistant Concrete Back To Top

  • A freeze resistant concrete guarantee
  • Set time reduction of up to 60 percent
  • Improved surface durability
  • Earlier removal of form for quicker turnaround
  • Elimination of insulating blankets, straw or visqueen post-placement of
  • concrete reduces costs and avoids return trips to material retrieval
  • Elimination of surface discoloration caused by calcium chloride or blanketing

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  • Cleaner, sharper edges
  • Higher strength
  • Improved ability to flow
  • Improved appearance
  • Less honeycomb
  • Less settling
  • Reduced shrinkage and bug holes

Diamond Nu-Drive - Residential Driveway Mix Back To Top

  • Reduced plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Improved appearance
  • Better strength
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Better finishability
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Reduced labor costs

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  • Our Diamond Harvest mix is a low strength, economical, ready mixed concrete product that is primarily used by the agricultural community. It has a wide variety of uses for customers looking for a mix that is economical and is typically used in applications that do not require structural strength — like commercial or highway specification concrete.
  • This mix was specifically created for a segment of our customers and has grown in popularity. Diamond Harvest Mix is used for barnyards, driveways, and numerous other applications in the agricultural market.

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Meyer Material Company’s colored concrete can be used on your next project. Call on their experts to learn more about their innovative concrete products and to experience the highest level of product quality and service available in the industry today. They offer a Liquid Concrete brochure to customers describing all the advantages of using these unique mixes

Aggregate Industries is the largest provider of concrete placement services in the Chicago metropolitan and suburban marketplaces. Call
us for your next project at 651-683-0600. We will become your one-stop resource for consistent ready mixed concrete, aggregates, and building materials.

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